About Corfu

Corfu can be considered  as a permanent home  for many  as there are all facilities open all year around.

Corfu’s weather is glorious – mild winters and wonderfully warm summers, always with a breeze and not as stifling as some of the mroe southern islands.
Corfu has 217km coastlind with a variety of beaches.

Corfu is very safe. Crime statistics on the island are the lowest in Greece, which in turn are the lowest in Europe. Theft is rare and violent crime virtually unknown. 

Corfu is sophisticated.  It is known for the 17 music bands and the University of Music. Many concerts come about every year. Moreover, art exhibitions take place like painting exhibitions and for books. Corfu is traditional. 

Family values are still esteemed. Life in the island’s agricultural villages carries on as it has for centuries.

 Corfu island has delicious traditional plates. Local food products are fresh and organic. Fish tavernas are all over the island and are considered very famous for their quality worldwide. 


Corfu offers the opportunity for everyone to find something to do such as hobbies and other sport activities: 

Golf. 18 holes. A variety of sea sports: kite-surfing, scuba diving, water skiing among others with appropriate schools. 

Yacht and sailing. Corfu is the largest in terms of capacity marina in Greece. It holds up to 1,200 vessels, regardless of size. There is also a skippers and sailing school. 

Cricket Club. As a legacy of the British Empire… 

Water park – Water sports activities like parachuting, windsurfing, ski.

Horse Riding. There is a riding school, as well as one-off horse-riding sessions. 

Fans can try their luck at the casino. For others, there is also a bridge club. 

Nightlife, clubs, entertainment. Corfu nightlife is diverse and there are opportunities for all ages. In places such as Kavos, Ipsos, Sidari the youth, especially in the summer months, calm and disperse after sunrise having experienced all kinds of entertainment… There are also day and beach bars situated on the beaches, some of which attract over a thousand visitors per day!


Corfu is low-key. Unlike Spain, stringent planning laws do not allow the construction of high-rise and large-scale residential developments. 

Minimum-sized plots are required to build single villas to preserve the charm and character of this beautiful island. 

Corfu is a sound investment. Property prices are still relatively low and values have only one way to go – up. Buying in Corfu gives a good return for investments purposes.



Corfu is the most easily accessible Greek destination from countries of Northern Europe, with direct charter flights during the season, Easter and Christmas, 4 – 6 flights daily via Athens all year round and daily car ferry crossings from the Italian ports of Brindisi (7 hrs), Bari (8 hrs), Ancona (14 hours), Venice (24 hrs) and Trieste (26 hrs) for those wishing to drive. 

There are a plenty of flights from all Europe and Israel, especially summer period. It is one of the best known European holiday resorts, particularly popular among English and German tourists, but other nationalities as well.


Easter in Corfu

Corfu, Greece